Veda Tester BSc

Based in Brighton and Hove

Being a human being is hard. If living is automatic, in terms of breathing in and breathing out, then why can it be such a struggle? If there is an innate ‘will to live’ then how come living feels a lot more like surviving or existing sometimes? If this is the case for you also, then how do we turn the ‘will to live’ into making life worth living?

These are questions I have asked time and time again throughout my life. I haven’t found THE answer, yet I have found some helpful and supportive ways of being.

I am a qualified Person Centred Therapist, which means I can facilitate the answering of these types of big questions through an attitude of acceptance, non-judgement, authenticity and trust. My hope would be to walk alongside you and support you in making some sense of all of what you bring. Creating a safe environment to explore; whether it be a place to tell your story and for it to be heard, or to try out new ways of being, ways of relating to yourself and to others.

This type of therapy is non-directive, which means you are the captain of the ship, you hold the maps, and control the steering and the anchor, and yet you will not be alone. My hope is that by entering your world with the utmost trust in your capacity to navigate, you can find the way to a life with more meaning and more tools with which to tackle the inevitable ups and downs.

I am Brighton based, am a member of the BACP and am available Mondays to Fridays.